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5 Step Therapy and Nutrition Programme

The Combined Forces of Solution Focused Therapy and Nutritional Therapy – Feel Empowered and Energised. Look and Feel Great!

I have teamed up with Nutritional Therapist Joanna Majithia (12 years of practice) to devise a 5 step programme, putting clients on a fast track path for health. Together we can address any of the following:


• Address any underlying digestion problems and learn the foods your body likes

• Feel more in control

• Reduce stress and anxiety

• Feel calmer, energised and confident to live life!

Weight Loss 

• Establish a healthier, balanced relationship with food and leave behind unhelpful

associations and habits.

• Change what you eat in a way that works for you, permanently.

• Understand and address underlying imbalances that may be hindering weight

loss – no crash dieting involved!

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

• Learn how to implement healthy eating and which foods suit you best

• Develop positive habits that fit around all areas of your life and leave behind

unwanted associations

• Feel the benefits of more energy and drive

Anxiety and Stress Management

• Change your emotional response leaving behind the fear and overpowering

emotions of anxiety

• Reduce stress in specific areas of your life and learn techniques to use at home

• Understand how and what to eat to balance your stress hormones and enjoy

feeling happier, more assured and in control again


With this combined nutritional and emotional approach you will be supported so that you feel confident and motivated with the changes made, ensuring long lasting results.

Your programme includes 5 sessions, split between us based on what we feel will be most effective. Your programme starts with a full consultation with Jo to asses the best nutritional approach, followed by your first session with me to work on and develop a strategy tailored to your individual needs. Regular email support from both of us is offered as part of the programme.

The programme of 5 combined sessions is offered at a price of £250, paid in advance. This cost is at a reduced rate compared to individual sessions. This cost does not include payment for any nutritional supplements or testing that may be recommended by Jo.

Take your first step with a free telephone consultation with either me 07941310515/01273748624 or Jo 01273 248849/07789 488967