Solution Focused Therapy, Coaching and Hypnotherapy


Offering skype sessions and face to face from my home in central Portugal, I am a qualified Solution Focused Therapist and Hypnotherapist and can help you:

Overcome Anxiety and Stress…Feel Calmer and More In Control

Leave Behind That Fear or Phobia

Improve Your Self Esteem and Confidence

Boost Your Motivation

Develop Life Goals and Strategies For Success


Contact me for your initial phone consultation and I will give you an honest appraisal of whether I can help you and what the best approach might be. 

I have also helped people in lots of other areas of their lives such as eating, weight loss and relationship issues. Learn more on my treatments page.

Specialising in anxiety related issues I have been practising Solution Focused Psychotherapy, NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy since 2008, empowering people in all areas of their lives.

Taking a proactive solution focused approach right from the first session, one of my main priorities is to give you much better choices and make changes that get what you want, instead of running the things in your head that you’re unhappy with. We’ll look at your thinking and behavioural patterns and your belief systems, to create change at a deep level. We won’t spend much time on the problem, instead we’ll focus on getting to a solution quickly.

Find out what my clients think by reading my client testimonials or learn more about me.