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What to Expect

Here you can find out what results to expect, my beliefs in the work I do and how I differ from other therapists

Everyone has a unique mental blueprint

Find out more details on my therapeutic approach 



  • Leave behind anxiety and feel calmer, empowered and motivated
  • Think, plan and prepare with clarity and focus
  • Look and feel alert, confident and energised
  • Become tolerant of uncertainty, balance your emotions, focus on your skills and control your thoughts
  • Find spare reserves of time and energy so you can focus on what’s really important to you
  • Leave behind unwanted and outdated thought patterns
  • Enjoy living in the present and access your unique flow state
  • Perform at your peak and become  better at what you do, for longer and with more consistency
  • Use your amazing inner resources and strengths
  • Enjoy experiencing the relaxing benefits of hypnotherapy

My beliefs about how I help my clients

  • My role is to guide you towards a solution in a way that fits with your view of the world
  • Everyone has a unique mental blueprint with learnt and inherent strengths and resources.  Understanding and accessing them, harnessing their power to use when needed, will lead to your success
  • Every behaviour, no matter how unhelpful it may seem, has a positive intent behind it. Learning about this can enable powerful change
  • By being curious about my clients and learning what makes them unique I am better equipped at finding the best solution for them

How I am different from other therapists

  • I am an expert in my field. The majority of my clients are looking for help with either anxiety and stress related issues or looking to perform at their peak in a specific area of their life. Using a combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy I see consistent successes.
  • My therapeutic approach. I tailor my approach using proven, practical techniques and focus on getting to a solution in a way which empowers you to change fast, at a deeper level. You will access your unique inner resources and strengths, and update old unwanted beliefs and thought patterns to create new, and far more helpful ones. Learn more about my therapeutic approach.
  • The space I create with my clients is one of understanding, professionalism, integrity and humility. I believe everyone has the innate ability to change if that is their desire. My role is to guide them toward their goal in the way that is most authentic for them.

Now you know what to expect see some examples of what my clients have to say about me on my Client Testimonials page or contact me for your free 20 minute consultation