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What is the fast phobia cure?

A Phobia Cure That Works

For those of you who have done any research on how to get rid of a phobia you will most likely have come across the fast phobia cure, which is a NLP or Hypnotherapy technique and one of the most common ways of treating a phobia. It is a specific exercise that usually takes 20-30 minutes and often brings excellent results after just one session.

So what makes the fast phobia cure so successful?

Well one of the key reasons this technique is so successful is that it allows someone with a phobia to feel detached from the intense emotional response they usually get when exposed to the thing that causes their phobia. By having little or no negative emotional feeling when they see the spider, are on a plane or are giving a speech they are able to engage their rational logical mind and so feel much more in control and calmer. Often I will then work with them to develop a specific strategy so they can feel even more in control, with an outcome that is beneficial rather than disabling.

The technique is completely safe and non invasive. In fact I don’t need to know anything about the actual phobia as we can use neutral words as a way to represent any unpleasant or traumatic experiences. The technique doesn’t require any discussion or analysis of these experiences and the individual will feel detached from any unpleasant events during our session together.

This technique can be used for any kind of phobia or fear, Post Traumatic Stress and most kinds of trauma.

I have written a blog post on public speaking tips and another with general tips to reduce anxiety or simply contact me for your free consultation.





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