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Therapy for Weight Loss

Therapy for weight loss:

  • I can help you stop those unwanted eating habits and have a healthier relationship with food…so you look the way you want and feel so much better

  • Learn how to be motivated about living a healthy lifestyle…that you enjoy

  • Feel a renewed confidence and sense of empowerment so you feel happier and energised, seeing the positive results in your life!

‘I have lost some weight however what has been more important is the desire for sweet things has gone.  If I want something sweet I will have it but to be honest most of the time I’m not interested.  So whatever happened whilst under hypnosis worked brilliantly.  Thanks Lawrence you calm manner and support is really appreciated and I am happy to recommend your service.’ V Halls

How will I help you change your relationship with your eating and lose weight?

I have successfully helped so many of my clients achieve their eating and weight loss goals, by using the highly complementary and effective mix of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Solution-Focused Therapy for weight loss.

At an unconscious level we will realign your outdated and unwanted associations, emotional attachments and belief patterns, to form better and far more appropriate ones and release the part of you that can stand in the way of your good intentions. We will identify specific unhealthy eating habits and routines and then change them for good.  

We will also take a wider look at other areas of your life; how your emotional needs are being met, implementing the healthy lifestyle choices you want to make and then putting all this together so you feel committed to living your life the way you want to!

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