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Therapy For Sleep Difficulties

With Therapy For Sleep Difficulties

  • I can help you enjoy better quality sleep again

  • Wake up feeling rested and energised

  • Re-establish a positive healthy sleep pattern

  • Break down and remove anxiety

  • Feel a renewed freedom, confidence and sense of empowerment 

How will therapy for sleep difficulties help you?

I have personally managed my own sleep difficulties and also successfully helped many clients, using the combined powers of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Solution Focused Psychotherapy.

Using powerful exercises and techniques, we will break down any anxiety and outdated mental associations, unwanted patterns and limiting beliefs…resulting in a far healthier and positive sleeping experience for you. We will also look at releasing the part of you that may be stopping you from sleeping.

With therapy for sleep difficulties I also look at your lifestyle and how your emotional needs are being met in other areas of your life to make sure we are addressing any other causes, to ensure you achieve success that is permanent!

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