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Brief Solution-Focused Therapy For Children

My Passion is Therapy for children, from early years to teens.

Young people have a wonderful curiosity and sense of discovery about themselves and the world around them, with amazing resources waiting to be tapped into. I see my role as a kind of magical wizard, sharing my tricks so children soon learn how to fix the things they want fixing and get to where they want to be. I find it humbling and energising to see young people transform themselves and also to be a part of that positive change process and it’s great fun!

I can help your child with home and school related issues such as:

  • Self Esteem and Confidence 

  • Anxiety, Stress, Phobias

  • Motivation and Drive

  • Relationships

  • Behavioural issues

  • Bullying and Conflict 

  • Managing Change and Transition

My approach when working with children is to use Brief Solution-Focused Therapy and NLP which means typically 3-5 sessions is all that is needed. My main priority is to empower children with more choices so they feel, think and behave in ways that work better for them. I’ll be looking at their thinking and behavioural patterns, unhelpful beliefs and emotional responses, to make changes at a deep level, always with the solution in mind. In each session we will discover how to do that based on the child’s experience of their world, often using metaphors, exercises and play as a way to explore what will get the best results, along with established therapy techniques.

Regular contact with the child’s parent/carer means they are kept engaged with our progress and I may ask questions and make requests for their support when necessary. I might also be in contact with their school if appropriate. I treat every interaction with a child as confidential and have a duty of care to report any disclosure made to me.

Having worked as a Teaching Assistant at a primary school in 2016 gave me a renewed passion for working with kids, from early years to teenagers. You can also learn more about my qualifications on my about me page.

Contact me to chat further about how I can help you and your child