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Resolve and improve your relationship difficulties

  • Create understanding and see with improved clarity 

  • Move forward and work through any emotional barriers giving you options and choices

  • Experience renewed happiness, freedom, confidence and self empowerment

How will I help you resolve and improve your relationship difficulties?

I have successfully worked with clients to resolve all kinds of personal and business relationship difficulties, both with individuals and couples. I use the highly effective and complementary powers of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Solution-Focused Psychotherapy, tailoring my approach to each client and their individual circumstances.

It can be quite hard to see a way out of relationship difficulties so I typically work, firstly, to establish an outcome for you that is both achievable and one that you want! What will it be like when you have success? Then you are better able to see your relationship from a distance, with new eyes, to fully understand and accept what is happening and which options will create more happiness for you.

We can then use a number of techniques and exercises to achieve your goal of success, breaking down unhelpful beliefs, patterns and resolving past issues if necessary, as well as identifying and resolving any emotional needs that are harming your relationship.

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