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Improve Your Performance

Perform so much better in sport, business and life!


  • Maximise your physical and mental ability, learn to powerfully enhance and intensify your sports performance
  • In times of stress become tolerant of uncertainty, balance your emotions, focus on your skills and control your thoughts.
  • Enjoy learning how to quieten and focus your mind, to stay completely present and in your flow state.
  • Feel inspired and take yourself to the next level…break through and leave behind unwanted and outdated thought patterns.


How can I help you improve your performance?

I have successfully worked with sports people, musicians and other clients to enhance and improve their performance using the highly effective and complimentary powers of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Solution-Focused Psychotherapy.

Working with me you will learn powerful techniques to use when you really need them on the track, the stage or the meeting room. Using visualisation and hypnosis you can powerfully enhance your physical and mental performance, developing greater accuracy, consistency and skill. Learn what makes the leaders in your field successful by modelling how they perform and see and feel the results. Change your associations, thoughts, beliefs and emotions that hold you back…and replace them with far better ones. Read about one of my blog posts giving sports and mental performance tips
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