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Leave your public speaking phobia behind

  • I can help you feel confident, focused and in control when speaking or performing in public

  • Positively change old behaviours and beliefs…so you feel a renewed sense of empowerment

  • Learn how to control your thoughts, become tolerant of uncertainty and be focused on the present

  • Develop new skills and techniques that allow you to perform at your peak!

‘I’m truly impressed with the work that we did and how effective it has been. Even a few days before the presentation I wasn’t sure if it had been effective, but when it came to it I was all action and didn’t doubt myself. Thank you Lawrence for your tremendous expertise and skills!’ Z Harrison

How will I help you leave your public speaking phobia behind you?

I can help you be a better public speaker or performer, having successfully treated clients using both Hypnotherapy, NLP and Solution-Focused Psychotherapy.

Using proven techniques and exercises you will drastically reduce your public speaking phobia as we break down unhelpful and outdated belief patterns and negative thinking styles, to develop and reinforce emotional responses and behaviours that are positive and compelling. You will learn to feel calm and focus instead of fear and anxiety. I can also help you develop highly effective and powerful techniques and skills, equipping you with the knowledge and ability to perform at your peak.

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