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Addiction help

  • Feel empowered with a renewed freedom to leave behind your habit or addiction

  • Shrug off cravings, look and feel healthier and energised

  • Break though past barriers with ease, transforming your behaviour for good

  • See the positive life changes, bringing you new wonderful opportunities

How will I help you break that habit or addiction?

For addiction help I have seen great success with many clients using the highly complementary and effective powers of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Solution-Focused Psychotherapy. For addiction help I tailor my approach to each client and their unique circumstances and history, rather than using a one glove fits all approach.

At an unconscious level we will change your unwanted associations, break the patterns and release the part of you that can keep the unwanted behaviour in place. I also take a wider view and look at other areas of your life, making sure you are having your needs met and can permanently and comfortably live your life without the addiction or habit, enabling you to live your life the way you want to!

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