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The Core Principles Of NLP Part 3: Flexibility

In my final blog on the principles of NLP comes Flexibility. This is all about being flexible enough in our behaviour so that we have choice and options open to us. The more choices we have available to us the more likely we are to achieve success in our outcomes.

Being truly flexible, so that we give ourselves more choices in our decision making, usually means we need to make it a conscious decision, something that we bring more awareness to. Of course we can only really benefit from giving ourselves more flexibility and choice when we know what specific outcome we are looking to achieve. I have written more about outcome thinking in a previous NLP blog post. 

So having flexibility means doing that both in our thinking and also our behaviours. Being willing and open to be more flexible in life can open up new doors and give us new opportunities that we may not have considered possible for us. Of course for a lot of people feeling safe and comfortable means that being flexible and being willing to change can feel like a scary thing to do. So the key to introducing some flexibility when we are fearful of what might result is to try something small and manageable first. Recognising that once we get out of our comfort zone in a small way it opens up choices and options that wouldn’t have been there otherwise and puts what we feared into perspective so it becomes easier.

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