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Switching Off Internal Conflict

Quite often when we want to make a positive change in an area of our life there can be another part of us that stands in the way, stopping us from fulfilling what we sometimes really want. As if we are purposely making it harder for ourselves, which can be very frustrating!

When the founders of NLP in the 1970s started to meet and interview a number of relatively unorthodox and successful psychotherapists, they established that they all shared a number of important common beliefs which they called presupposition’s. One of these was that “every behaviour has a positive intent” for the person doing the behaviour. 

With this in mind you could look at the part that appears to be stopping you from achieving what you want as helpful in some way, whether it be that inner voice giving unhelpful advice, or a behaviour you can’t seem to stop. Usually this positive intent is left over from some time ago, when life was different and the purpose of that unwanted behaviour was more relevant to that time.

What can be difficult is sometimes to recognise what can possibly be helpful or positive about a behaviour that appears to be so destructive or unhelpful! So the first step is to understand that it is the intention behind the behaviour and not the actual behaviour itself, that will be serving you in some positive way. By understanding what this might be it then becomes much easier to bring some acceptance into the picture, releasing the energy and power it may have.

I have seen some wonderful improvements in peoples lives by using some simple yet powerful exercises and techniques, that release these parts of us that have their good intentions, yet aren’t really serving their purpose any longer. It really is like the switch of a light going on inside our mind.

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By Lawrence Michaels

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