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NLP Presuppositions- Part 5; More Flexibility Equals a Better Outcome

If you want a reminder of the ideas behind NLP Presuppositions see my first post NLP Presuppositions Part 1

For this post: ‘The more flexibility you have, the better the outcome you get’

The more flexible you are in any given situation, the more choices you give yourself. Sounds simple doesn’t it? The more choices or options you give yourself the more influence you have in getting to where you want to be. Equally if what you are doing isn’t working for you then change it and keep changing it if necessary. This not only allows you to learn from your choices but expands your flexibility and willingness to keep trying different things, until you meet your desired outcome. This presupposition is about embracing and learning from change, pushing yourself to think of and act out new possibilities, if a given choice you have made isn’t working for you.

Flexibility applies as much to our thinking as it does to our behaviours. Notice when your thoughts or attitudes are limiting or causing distress to you or others. Then give yourself a different attitude, try a different way of thinking and most importantly act on that. If it doesn’t give you what you want try again. It seems obvious that if you need a new way of doing something you have to try something new, even if it’s only moved you in the right direction to a small degree. It’s better than staying still with something that isn’t working for you!

With this belief, changing our way of thinking and our behaviour becomes much easier because we start to see that there is an endless number of possibilities in any given situation. It also means we become less fixated on finding the perfect solution, which can often lead to procrastination and stalling. Instead we become more accepting of the fluidity that results from adapting to and changing our circumstances. This leads me nicely onto my other NLP post where I talked about ‘No failure only feedback’ NLP Presuppositions Part 2





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