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NLP Presuppositions Part 3; People Have All The Resources They Need

Following on rather belatedly from my last post NLP Presuppositions Part 2, I’m going to tackle two more:

‘People have all the resources they need’

This is something that very much underpins the work I do as a therapist and one that I think is a very helpful belief to hold in life. In essence it is saying that no matter how difficult a situation or problem you might have, you already hold the solution, even if you aren’t aware of it. It might be that you need to consider strengths and abilities that you have and which you use in other unrelated situations and look at how you can use and transfer those to a different scenario. It is also often the case that by looking at yourself in a different way, sometimes with the help of someone else, you can come up with a solution or see an option that you hadn’t seen before. In essence this is all about being flexible and open to possibilities and solutions that you hold within you, even if means you may need some external help to develop and access them.


‘You cannot not communicate’

I love this one. It’s really simple. It just means that whatever you do, in whatever way you do it, you are communicating something. Thinking about how this can impact on every interaction or situation is helpful, as it means we become more conscious of our impact on situations and people. Even if we are not saying or doing anything, this is still being communicated and more importantly interpreted by whoever is there at the time. I also discussed in NLP Presuppositions Part 1  ‘The meaning of communication is the response we get’ which can be helpful to consider alongside this post.

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