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NLP Presuppositions- Part 4; People Make The Best Choice They Can At The Time

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‘People make the best choice they can at the time’

Recognising that we all have our own unique reality and interpretation of the world, based on our experiences, helps to understand the idea that the choices we make are the best we can make, at the time of making them. Even if they appear to be very unhelpful or self-sabotaging, the perception we have at that time is that they are the best way forward.

Another way of looking at this is that we all act based on the level of awareness we have at the time.  A person’s intention may be very different to the result of what they end up doing, simply because they only had whatever awareness was available to them at that time.

In hindsight we often look back on the choices we made or that others made and see where we went wrong and more importantly what better choice we could have made. Often we feel regret or anger when we realise this, yet by having the realisation implies we know that there was a better choice which we couldn’t see. That realisation can bring forgiveness and understanding and a willingness to make changes to the choices we make.

Therefore, the broader our perspectives now, the more choices we have – in the past, present and future…

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