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My Expertise


I specialise in helping people overcome severe anxiety and anxiety attacks


Are you suffering sever anxiety attacks or post traumatic stress? 

Severe anxiety and PTS is unfortunately still  very common in today’s world, yet our response to anxiety is rooted in our fight or flight survival instinct going back millions of years. The overwhelming emotional and physical feelings of anxiety and need to feel in control can be hugely upsetting, often restricting the way people live their lives. This can be very difficult to manage and solve, because you are in the thick of it rather than looking in from the outside. Learn more about how I can help you feel in control and overcome anxiety.

Do you have a fear of speaking or presenting in public situations?

Whether you speak in front of 5 or 100 people, this very common fear can be hugely problematic in the workplace and elsewhere. It will usually be stopping you from enjoying your job, holding you back from progressing in your career, or impacting in another area of your life. Learn more about how I can help you overcome anxiety attacks and your fear of public speaking.

Are you fearful or nervous in social situations? 

You might feel confident in some areas of your life, yet find it difficult when it comes to being around people in a social situation. Maybe you know of a particular trigger or past event that sets off your anxiety. It is quite possibly stopping you from doing the things you enjoy, limiting your options and the choices you make. Learn more about how I can help you feel in control and overcome anxiety.

Do you suffer from exam nerves?

We all know what those pre-exam nerves can feel like. At a low level they bring focus and concentration, yet for some lead to a loss of control. The nervous feeling in your chest or stomach and those irrational thoughts going round in your head can make it feel unbearable. You might have practised and revised, with the knowledge in your mind, yet that worry can make it hard to access. Learn more about how I can help you feel in control and overcome anxiety

Are you a performer?

If you are a musician, actor or entertainer then you probably really enjoy and are passionate about what you do. Yet you might still have a fear of being in the spotlight, lack self confidence or be too self-conscious, sometimes due to the pressure to perform and be successful. This will usually mean you can’t fully enjoy performing or find it difficult to engage with your audience, which can stop you from fulfilling your potential. Learn more about how I can help you with a fear of public speaking or performance anxiety. I have also written a blog post covering my top public speaking tips too.

I am most successful with clients who have the following ideals:

  • You recognise that, ultimately, only you are responsible for improving your situation, you just may not know how. I am here, as your guide, to help you find far better ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, allowing you to truly realise and achieve your potential.
  • You are open to explore and suspend any judgements. The more options and choices you give yourself the quicker you are likely to find success.
  • You can be motivated, persistent and optimistic, if needed. These resources will help you ride through any stormy patches that can be found when making long lasting change.

I also work with clients who are looking for help in other areas of their life such as giving up smoking and weight and eating issues. Find out more about the other areas I can help you with on my treatments page.

Now you know about the kinds of people I work with, learn more about what to expect.