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Hypnotherapy For PTSD

Using Hypnotherapy for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), along with Solution-Focused Therapy and NLP, can drastically reduce and often eliminate the symptoms that can wreak havoc for sufferers.

Everyone knows what it’s like to feel stressed and anxious; whether it’s the occasional bout or for some a more regular occurrence. Most of us can manage these times, even if it means slowing down or taking time out. For more ideas I have written another blog post giving my top 5 tips to reduce anxiety.

However PTSD is something more extreme and is usually induced by being involved in a traumatic event. This doesn’t mean everyone will have PTSD after a traumatic experience as it depends on the person’s ability to cope and process the experience and the support they can access. After a traumatic event sometimes people can feel numb for a while before feeling overwhelmed by distress which often leads to more intense anxiety, which can create physical stress in the body too.

People can then feel they are unable to cope with everyday life, because the intense stress and anxiety means the body and mind are in an almost constant state of alert. Some people may find these feelings subside and disappear in a relatively short period of time, for others it will continue or worsen and this is usually when PTSD is diagnosed by a medical professional. Sometimes PTSD is only diagnosed a year or more after the traumatic event.

In addition to anxiety the symptoms of PTSD vary and can include flashbacks to the event, intrusive thoughts and images, nightmares and physical sensations such as tremors, nausea and pain and general feelings of alertness and feeling on edge or emotional detachment.

Using Hypnotherapy for PTSD along with the other therapies I am trained in, I have seen excellent results so that the symptoms either disappear or are significantly reduced, with the sufferer being able to cope with everyday life. My main focus, initially, is to desensitise the emotional trigger from the original trauma so that the client no longer feels in a heightened state of anxiety and stress and any flashbacks cease to happen. Hypnosis allows the client to experience deep relaxation so that they can use that state to feel calm in other areas of their lives. I also use other stress and anxiety reducing techniques and exercises which often includes a fabulous 10 minute breathing exercise.


So for a confidential discussion and an initial free consultation contact me and take your first step.





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