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Hypnotherapy for IBS

The Power of Hypnotherapy For IBS

Helping clients ease their IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) symptoms such as pain, bloating and especially the anxiety that goes with that is particularly rewarding, as I used to suffer with this myself a number of years ago. And it’s great to see that hypnotherapy for IBS is getting some good press too; BBC article

Quite often anxiety and stress is a big factor both in the cause and aggravation of IBS. Using hypnotherapy for IBS at the very least means clients are able to feel more in control of their stress and anxiety levels and also of the symptoms themselves, especially when there are known triggers and associations. Sometimes there is an emotional event that can trigger the IBS, diverting the unpleasant emotions to the tummy, so I often work at that level too, releasing the emotions which can then have a miraculous effect on solving the IBS.

One of the simplest and potentially most effective bits of advice I can give is to learn a relaxation technique that you find helpful and use it at least once a day, every day. Finding a breathing technique that works for you is probably the easiest and there are also some great hypnosis downloads you can listen to on your phone.

The reason a relaxation technique is very effective is because IBS has such a strong connection with stress and anxiety. By significantly reducing the anxiety and stress so you feel more calm and relaxed generally, the IBS will almost always significantly reduce. Two important points to ensure you get the most benefit: Find a techique that really works for you. There are so many out there you may need to try a few. Once you have that practice it consistently every day at a time where you know you can switch off for 10 minutes, ideally twice a day. It will take persistence and commitment to see good results but the reward will be worth it!

Of course combining this approach with Solution-Focused Therapy and Hypnotherapy for IBS will mean the results will come a lot quicker.

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