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How Hypnosis For Social Anxiety Can Help

Social anxiety is one of the most common types of anxiety, that affects all kinds of people. Hypnosis for social anxiety, combined with the other therapeutic approaches I use, empowers people to feel much happier, calmer and in control in social situations.

What is social anxiety?

Social anxiety can affect people in different ways and can be something that starts in childhood or in later adulthood, sometimes through a specific experience they found traumatic. It is basically a form of extreme shyness that can be very debilitating and disrupt day to day life or sometimes just specific situations and environments. Often people will feel very self conscious and anxious, with disruptive thoughts and often physical symptoms such as a red face, stammer, shaking or feeling dizzy. In severe cases these symptoms will mean they feel anxious for most of the time, finding it hard to ever fully relax.

Typically someone with social anxiety will worry about challenging situations before they occur, so an unhelpful cycle of negative thoughts and beliefs develops, causing lower self esteem and making it harder to overcome the anxiety. By reinforcing their unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and feelings they keep themselves away from any stressful situations, which is a form of self-sabotage.

Hypnosis for social anxiety

I have helped lots of clients using hypnosis for social anxiety, combined with NLP and Solution-Focused Therapy. As a result they feel happier, more comfortable and in control of situations they previously found challenging. I focus on the conscious and unconscious beliefs a client has about themselves, breaking down unhelpful ones and building up those that are more enabling and positive. Together we change unhelpful thinking styles and develop strategies that allow them to feel happier when they are in social situations as well as feeling safer to take more risks and express themselves.

Hypnosis also gives clients the security to feel relaxed so we can explore and practice what it will be like for them to feel comfortable and happier in situations that used to cause them anxiety. This process builds positive expectations and new templates so they feel, behave and think in much healthier ways.

So for a confidential discussion and an initial free consultation contact me and take your first step.

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