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Hypnosis For Self Esteem

Hypnosis for self esteem, alongside solution-focused psychotherapy and NLP, is a powerful way to resolve negative emotional patterns and empower clients with a positive, affirming sense of self and identity.

Feelings of low self esteem can often be traced back to our childhood. At that time we need to feel especially safe and secure with healthy boundaries and positive expressions of love and respect being shown. However if these are not given, then as children, we may feel insecure with low self worth, often developing our own coping strategies, which may then carry forward into our adult life.

We can also develop low self esteem later in life, due to specific experiences or events, which can alter our self worth. Low self esteem can also include self sabotage as a way to reinforce or confirm the perception of lack of self worth, leading to other issues such as depression or anxiety.

Using hypnosis for self esteem, alongside the other therapies I am trained in, I help clients to release old unhelpful associations and change negative behaviour, thinking patterns and emotions. Working together we develop positive feelings, thoughts and behaviours, empowering them to feel so much better about themselves.

One of the main benefits of hypnosis is that in such a relaxed state a client can have an experience that in a waking state they might find scary. By having this experience over and over again in a relaxed hypnotic state, they are then building a positive template for doing it in real life. So hypnosis works by re-educating the unconscious mind allowing you to feel more in control of the responses you find difficult to control on a conscious level.

For more inspiration I have written another blog post giving my top 5 tips to boost you confidence or simply contact me for your free consultation.



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