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My Therapeutic Approach

In a snapshot:

I work using three established and proven, solution-focused approaches that enable you to reach your goals quickly, focusing on targeted, managable solutions. I’ll be looking at your thinking and behavioural patterns, unhelpful beliefs and emotional responses, to make changes at a deep level, always with the solution in mind. You will be positively changing the way you think, feel and behave.

These three therapies also proactively empower you to go on with your life, equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to create the best positive change for you. Typically 2-3 sessions is all that is necessary and I will tailor my approach to the individual and their needs, to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.


With an air of mystery surrounding it, hypnosis has fascinated people for centuries. When used therapeutically it is a state of consciousness that feels both comfortable and enjoyable, and in this relaxed state the mind is naturally more receptive to processing and accepting new ideas, thoughts and visualisations, especially when they align with an outcome that you want.

This means you can actually change old outdated and unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours and replace them with far more compelling, positive and empowering ones.

The hypnotic state is a perfectly natural occurrence; something we enter into many times every day. Losing ourselves in a film, television programme or compelling book, daydreaming, focusing intently on a work project, being immersed in exercise and sometimes even brushing our teeth are all ways in which we naturally find ourselves in this trance state. In all these circumstances we willingly participate, but of course if we want to snap into a state of alertness we can, and the same is true in a therapeutic setting. To be clear you won’t be doing anything you won’t want to! I’ve also written a blog post going into more detail about Hypnosis.

Human Givens and Solution Focussed Psychotherapy:

I am trained in both Human Givens and Brief Solution Focused Therapy. Both of these approaches place a big emphasis on empowering clients to change their present situation. There is very little attention paid to the problem or the past, apart from when situations support that preferred future. I hold the belief that each client has the inner resources for positive change and get to where they want to be, my role is to help facilitate that change. Additionally Human Givens draws on our innate knowledge and behavioural patterns, taken from the latest scientific understandings from neurobiology, psychology and ancient wisdom.

One element of this approach recognises that we have basic emotional needs, and that we possess the innate natural resources to meet those needs. It is when these needs are not being met that emotional imbalance can occur. Recognising how these emotional needs are directly interrelated is extremely helpful in understanding how specific problems can arise, and more importantly what can be done to change them. My blog post about our emotional needs goes into more detail or learn more about what you can expect when working with me.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP):

Established in the early 1970’s, NLP is a buzz word in all kinds of circles, from personal therapy, corporate business to the entertainment world. Through NLP we understand how people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to create their own reality. As a qualified NLP Practitioner I apply my knowledge and experience to facilitate positive change, looking at a client’s belief systems, thinking patterns and emotional through the use of coaching, the application of specific exercises and techniques and simply enabling clients to gain self knowledge thereby allowing self change.

NLP was founded on the study of three highly successful psychotherapists including Milton Erickson, a widely influential hypnotherapist whose style is an integral part of my training. NLP means we communicate with the mind in it’s own language, sometimes bringing staggering results within minutes. To know more I have written a few blog posts about the core principles of NLP.