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‘I have lost some weight however what has been more important is the desire for sweet things has gone.  If I want something sweet I will have it but to be honest most of the time I’m not interested.  So whatever happened whilst under hypnosis worked brilliantly.  Thanks Lawrence you calm manner and support is really appreciated and I am happy to recommend your service.’ 

V Halls

‘I initially went to see Lawrence as I was unhappy with my weight and felt the root cause of my over eating needed to be addressed. He was referred to my by a nutritionist so I felt confident meeting with him. From our first session I noticed a difference. Lawrence focused on the present and gave me tools to enable me to make better choices. He was relaxed and calm and made me feel completely relaxed. We used NLP and hypnotherapy, Lawrence made sure I was comfortable throughout both and explained each step to me. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a practitioner, in fact I already have.’

S Davis

‘Lawrence helped me enormously with some difficulties I have had ongoing with anxiety. I have to say, although I am a coach myself I was not expecting such an amazing session. Lawrence has a true passion to help others reach their own goals, and has a beautiful gentle, respectful technique personalised for the individual. He comes highly recommended!‎’

S Crathern

‘I’m truly impressed with the work that we did and how effective it has been. Even a few days before the presentation I wasn’t sure if it had been effective, but when it came to it I was all action and didn’t doubt myself. Thank you for your tremendous expertise and skills in communicating to me how I was going to achieve my aim!’

Z Harrison

‘Lawrence has an innate intuition and natural empathy with his clients. I found the sessions with him to be comfortable and effortless. After over 25 years of struggling with social anxiety in just two sessions Lawrence gave me the tools to not only attend a white table dinner (my greatest challenge) but to actually relax and enjoy the evening totally free from anxiety.’

P Crossan

‘Lawrence is incredibly professional, skilled at what he does and most importantly effective. He really took time to understand me and the issues I wanted to address in a calm, totally confidential and non-hurried environment. I found the hypnosis sessions, which then followed, both relaxing and powerful; and honestly felt the benefits immediately. I would fully recommend Lawrence to anyone considering hypnotherapy, NLP and other aspects of Psychotherapy he is trained in.’

B Rickman

‘I have found that Lawrence is a very good listener, puts you at ease and, very importantly, is non-judgemental. He is able to offer helpful and constructive advice which I find is usually achievable. He offers strategies and techniques which are helpful to me and he has a very positive outlook. With his help I feel I am beginning to change the way I look and feel about myself. The hypnosis part of the session is both calming and relaxing.’

J Love

‘Lawrence helped me through problems that at times, I questioned if I would ever overcome. I was able to see a light in the dark and begin to hope again. Hypnotherapy changed my life in a way that no therapy had done before, touching upon a much deeper, subconscious level that was necessary to piece things back together.’

C Thearoux

‘Turning the ‘impossible’ into the possible. That is something that Lawrence successfully managed to help me with. And within a very short time frame.’

‘I think Lawrence is an excellent listener and within minutes of meeting him I felt at ease to talk to him about issues that were very personal to me. He was non-judgmental, kind and calming and as part of the hypnotherapy session, he offered practical techniques that I could use to reinforce the positive outcome I wanted. I truly thought it would take a lot longer to change a behaviour or a way of thinking that had been ingrained since childhood but with his continued support, infectious positive outlook and exceptional skills, he was able to help me change these things fully within four weeks. It still seems nothing short of a miracle and I would recommend Lawrence to anyone.’

D Wishart

‘Lawrence was a great help, he was calm and patient and suggested things about my behavior patterns that alleviated a lot of long term problems. Thanks for all your help!’

T Craig

‘I saw Lawrence for one session to help me control my eating. After seeing him for approximately an hour and a half I was able to make more positive food choices and stopped comfort eating. As a result I have been losing weight steadily!’


‘I initially met with Lawrence Michaels to discuss techniques to help me calm my driving nerves prior to my driving test. I had three sessions with Lawrence, during which time he taught me relaxation techniques, which I found valuable in my day-to-day life.’

‘I also found that I was calmer during driving lessons, and went on to pass my test. I have no hesitation in recommending Lawrence.’

A Isaacs-Itua