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Hypnotherapy For PTSD

Using Hypnotherapy for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), along with Solution-Focused Therapy and NLP, can drastically reduce and often eliminate the symptoms that can wreak havoc for sufferers.

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A Fabulous 10 Minute Breathing Exercise

As a specialist in treating anxiety one of the simplest and easiest things I recommend to clients is this powerful breathing exercise, that highly compliments the core NLP and Hypnotherapy I do. Having a simple, quick, breathing exercise to use on a regular basis is so important to help with relaxation and to significantly reduce stress and…

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Increase Confidence By Changing Negative Thinking

You can increase confidence simply by changing negative thinking patterns. When I help clients who have self esteem and confidence issues, they also often run a negative thinking style that can reinforce their low self esteem and confidence.

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Dreaming and the REM state

People have always been fascinated and mystified by dreaming and relatively recent groundbreaking research by the psychologist Joe Griffin has shed an interesting light on the purpose of dreaming.

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Hypnotherapy for sleep and the anxiety link

When I use solution-focused therapy and hypnotherapy for sleep difficulties most of my clients will have an underlying anxiety as the main cause. So in this post I will discuss the anxiety link and ways you can improve your sleep.

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