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Hypnosis For Self Esteem

Hypnosis for self esteem, alongside solution-focused psychotherapy and NLP, is a powerful way to resolve negative emotional patterns and empower clients with a positive, affirming sense of self and identity.

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How Is Identity Connected To Our Happiness?

In this post I’ll be taking a slightly more unorthodox approach; looking at our attachment to identity and ego and seeing how liberating it is in letting that go. As I have written in some of my other posts, our core beliefs and values in life are the backbone to who we are; both the…

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Meeting Our Emotional Needs

Part of my training encompassed what is called The Human Givens approach and a key element of this is understanding a set of emotional needs essential for our physical and emotional wellbeing, identified as important for everyone to live a healthy and happy life. Nine of these needs were identified as critical for our emotional…

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Four Key Factors For Healthy Relationships

John Gottman, a US Psychologist, has spent almost two decades studying the interaction of couples. He has found the key to healthy relationships is not how passionately a couple argue but the way they argue. He determinedĀ four key factors that make or break a relationship, what he called The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse:

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Increase Confidence By Changing Negative Thinking

You can increase confidence simply by changing negative thinking patterns. When I help clients who have self esteem and confidence issues, they also often run a negative thinking style that can reinforce their low self esteem and confidence.

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