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Hypnosis For Self Esteem

Hypnosis for self esteem, alongside solution-focused psychotherapy and NLP, is a powerful way to resolve negative emotional patterns and empower clients with a positive, affirming sense of self and identity.

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Top Five Tips To Boost Confidence and Self Esteem

Helping clients to build self esteem and boost confidence is something I do a lot of, probably because it’s an area in our lives that most of us feel we could do with improving on. So below are a few tips and exercises I use on myself and with my clients to boost confidence and…

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Generate New Behaviour For Anxiety!

Panic attacks and similar anxiety can be severely challenging for those that suffer, as I have seen with numerous of my clients. Being told it’s part of our fight/flight response can be helpful to see that the behaviour is in fact based on a positive intention…but doesn’t actually solve the problem behaviour. What we need to do is…

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What is the fast phobia cure?

A Phobia Cure That Works For those of you who have done any research on how to get rid of a phobia you will most likely have come across the fast phobia cure, which is a NLP or Hypnotherapy technique and one of the most common ways of treating a phobia. It is a specific exercise…

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