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A door is a door? Pattern-matching revisited

As some of you will know from my past articles one of the key elements to human learning is through association and matching to previous experiences. This is, in most circumstances, an extremely helpful mechanism that allows us to manage the huge amount of information that we are constantly absorbing through our senses. In practical…

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Reach your potential- my tips for enabling change

Really connecting to the potential we have for change is a powerful and important reminder of what we, as humans, are capable of. I, like many, was captivated by the story of the trapped Chilean miners in January 2011 and the way they kept their optimism and strength to deal with their situation and the…

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Understanding Stress And Anxiety- And Strategies To Manage

Caveman instincts As most of us know the fight/flight response or stress response is an emotional and physical way of coping that has been part of human behaviour since we were living in caves, fighting off big scary sabre tooth tigers! As you could well imagine the emotional response needed by our ancestors would have…

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Change your behaviour and get what you want!

We all know what it’s like to be stuck in a state of mind that is negative and just not helping us. Sometimes there is a part of us that actually gets some satisfaction from wallowing in that state, in conflict to the part of us that wants to change. The saying “if you do…

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