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A Fabulous 10 Minute Breathing Exercise

As a specialist in treating anxiety one of the simplest and easiest things I recommend to clients is this powerful breathing exercise, that highly compliments the core NLP and Hypnotherapy I do. Having a simple, quick, breathing exercise to use on a regular basis is so important to help with relaxation and to significantly reduce stress and…

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Generate New Behaviour For Anxiety!

Panic attacks and similar anxiety can be severely challenging for those that suffer, as I have seen with numerous of my clients. Being told it’s part of our fight/flight response can be helpful to see that the behaviour is in fact based on a positive intention…but doesn’t actually solve the problem behaviour. What we need to do is…

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Top 10 Public Speaking Tips!

Having a fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears in the world. Here are my top ten public speaking tips based on my personal experience and through the many clients I have helped:

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Mental Exercises To Improve Your Fear Of Public Speaking

More people have a fear of public speaking that any other fear or phobia so it’s not surprising that almost everyone has some form of nervousness or even excitement when we speak or perform in public. For some it is fairly mild, for others it can be severe enough to take hold days or even…

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