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Hypnotherapy For PTSD

Using Hypnotherapy for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), along with Solution-Focused Therapy and NLP, can drastically reduce and often eliminate the symptoms that can wreak havoc for sufferers.

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What is the fast phobia cure?

A Phobia Cure That Works For those of you who have done any research on how to get rid of a phobia you will most likely have come across the fast phobia cure, which is a NLP or Hypnotherapy technique and one of the most common ways of treating a phobia. It is a specific exercise…

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Top 10 Public Speaking Tips!

Having a fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears in the world. Here are my top ten public speaking tips based on my personal experience and through the many clients I have helped:

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Manage Anxiety And Panic- My Five Top Tips

My ‘Top five’ list to overcome and manage anxiety are simple and effective and although not in any specific order of importance they are all used by me with success and often have been well documented by others.

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Mental Exercises To Improve Your Fear Of Public Speaking

More people have a fear of public speaking that any other fear or phobia so it’s not surprising that almost everyone has some form of nervousness or even excitement when we speak or perform in public. For some it is fairly mild, for others it can be severe enough to take hold days or even…

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Understanding Stress And Anxiety- And Strategies To Manage

Caveman instincts As most of us know the fight/flight response or stress response is an emotional and physical way of coping that has been part of human behaviour since we were living in caves, fighting off big scary sabre tooth tigers! As you could well imagine the emotional response needed by our ancestors would have…

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